KLM Travel Photo Competition

A few months ago, I entered the ‘Capture The Color’ photo contest. I didn’t win (and let’s be real, I did not expect to!) but the act of going through old photos, reminiscing on memories, and then sharing them with you guys was really special – not to mention really fun! So when I heard about the KLM Flying View competition, I thought I’d give it a shot. 
I like KLM because . . . . .

they’re a Dutch airline, and I live in Holland. They’re the only airline I have a frequent flyer program with, and when I travel for work around Europe, it’s usually with KLM. So I’m slowly racking up the miles, and now you can too. The winner of their photo competition will receive the Platinum Status for a year and 200,000 miles – enough to fly around the world! So this is my dream competition :)Windmill

The contest can be entered at the Flying View website, or on Instagram by using the hashtag #Flyingview. KLM are looking for a travel photo that shows an emotion – discovering the unknown, tasting a new food for the first time, watching a sunrise, realizing a special moment . . . I’ve submitted my photos on the website – the same ones you see here in this post.boats

The winner’s tag will also be featured on their luggage tag. The ultimate travel photo compliment.

Good luck guys!!

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