Amsterdam Flower Market

Today was a bit slow at work, so I took a proper lunch break and met up with B for a little wander. The Amsterdam Flower Market is a nice half way point between our offices, so we grabbed a coffee and then strolled around the market for a bit, admiring the colors and taking in the fresh air. IMG_3548
IMG_3554The Bloemenmarkt, or Flower Market, is a sight to behold. Bright florals, gangly bulbs, and tacky souvenirs call to tourists and delight locals. Even more impressive is the fact that the Bloemenmarkt is floating! All of the stalls are on mini barges and float in the canal along the Singel. It’s worth a stroll if you’re in town – who knew there was a bright world of floating tulip shops?! I’m addicted to the mini cactuses, and have been known to come home with an armful after a stressful day at work.
IMG_3557I was wearing a brown, vintage dress, which coincidentally matched the earthy bulbs and plants quite well.

IMG_3567B was kind enough to snap some photos, embarrassing proof that I did indeed blend in with the scenery.IMG_3550 IMG_3593 IMG_3615IMG_3624Amsterdam is a lovely city that attracts globetrotters all year round. It’s wonderful meeting people from all over the world, but the masses, especially in the high tourist areas, can sometimes be a tad suffocating. We played tourist for a while, before dodging down a back alley to escape the crowds.


We took a few final happy snaps before hopping back to our respective offices.

IMG_3622See you again soon, señor Flower Market bunny!

14 thoughts on “Amsterdam Flower Market”

    1. Thank you – quite a compliment coming from a vintage pro!!
      I really loved your red dress photo from the other day, I shared it in my previous “Valentine’s Day Inspiration” post!! x


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