Doctor’s Orders

My fever has been simmering for four days. I’ve been sulking under the covers, sipping on ginger-lemon-honey tea, alternating between dozing and surfing on the iPad . . . all the while building up a massive fortress of tissues around the bed. This morning I woke up and said, enough is enough. It was time for my cold to subside – my immune system was ready for a kickstart.

Luckily, the sun graced Amsterdam with her regal presence today, and the air was a friendly crisp. So after a long-overdue shower, I popped downstairs to stroll around the Albert Cuyp Market and score some weekend goodies and sweet, sweet sunshine. Just what the doctor prescribed!



IMG_3244The bright citrus fruit called to me, so I filled my bag with blood oranges and grapefruit. IMG_3246 There were so many rich colors at the market.


IMG_3249Lots of in-season root vegetables.

IMG_3252 And a few lingering summer delicacies.

IMG_3260IMG_3319 I brought home a bounty of colors and tastes.

IMG_3282 Little dried figs for nibbling.


IMG_3285 Oranges for breakfast

IMG_3291 And rosemary for baking fresh bread.IMG_3302The cranberries were so radiant.

IMG_3300I think I will bake them tomorrow night, bundled up inside a pastry roll with some honey and camembert.  IMG_3292I also stocked up on chillies, as I throw these little guys in absolutely everything – scrambled eggs, pasta, dressing, soup – the spicier the better!

IMG_3311My splurge of the day was on a big bag of bright chinese eggplant. I’m happy just looking at these little ladies in the fridge, but I know they will taste equally gorgeous in a stew or italian parmesan.

My shelves are now stocked with an array of colors, vitamins and minerals  – just what the doctor ordered! x


10 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders”

  1. Great pics. The food and flowers look wonderful! Hope you are feeling better. I too love ginger/honey tea. I am trying to drink it every night as there is too much sickness going around.


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