Bloemendaal aan Zee

You live in Amsterdam. It’s summertime, the weather is beautiful, and you want to sip wine on the beach. But there are no beaches in the city, or at least the kind you’re used to . . . where the sand is soft and silky white, and the horizon line is endless. Luckily, you have a smart friend. She suggests a ride to the beach (because she’s awesome and has a car). . . . and even though it’s Wednesday night, you say ‘why not!’ By 6.30pm you’re at the ocean, with almost four full hours of sunshine left to go. Welcome to my hump day at Bloemendaal!DSCF0304Bloemendaal aan Zee is a 20 minute car ride from Amsterdam. Continue reading

The 4th of July, Round Two

The 4th of July has long been my favorite holiday. My grandparents live on Little Sebago Lake in Maine, and as mentioned in my previous post, year after year family flock to their house for summertime celebrations. Unfortunately this year it rained on the 4th (the only rainy day in 3 weeks!) so we did what any smart Americans would do and spread our independence festivities out over two days instead of one. The gals and I spent our first 4th of July eating BBQ and dancing in town, and our second 4th (really the 5th) at my grandparent’s house on the lake.IMG_1705We spent the day boating and barbecuing, swimming and eating ribs!  Continue reading

Rock Climbing in Amsterdam

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled program (US holiday photos) and catch up on something cool I did this past week with colleagues – rock climbing!! Our Account Management team is comprised of six amazingly sassy-smart ladies, and although we often grab after work drinks or long Friday lunches, we’ve never really done anything with a team-building angle. However, recently one of the gals mentioned rock climbing, and we were all keen to try it out. Rock climbing takes physical and mental strength, not to mention problem solving and a good dose of teamwork.IMG_2405

Come to find out there are a handful of really great places to go rock climbing in Amsterdam . . . .  Continue reading

Salvage BBQ in Portland, Maine

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. My grandparents live on a beautiful lake, and every year friends and family from all over camp out at their house on the 4th to enjoy bonfires, BBQ’s, boat rides, sparklers, and s’mores. In fact, my favorite childhood memory is laying on their hammock by the water, wearing an over-sized sweatshirt, eating a sticky s’more, smelling the smoky campfire, and watching the Independence Day fireworks explode in the sky as family ohhh’d and ahhh’d nearby. At that moment in time, every human sense I had was satisfied, and I felt filled with love and happiness. After the fireworks, my sisters, cousin, and I would all run around outside playing flashlight tag. Our game would soon evolve into hide-and-go-seek, as Mom and Dad tried to catch us to tuck us into bed. I never wanted the day to end, but thankfully, I was able to re-live this happy moment on the 4th year after year.Lake SunsetAs an adult, I wanted to share this magical day with B and his family . . .

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