Rock Climbing in Amsterdam

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled program (US holiday photos) and catch up on something cool I did this past week with colleagues – rock climbing!! Our Account Management team is comprised of six amazingly sassy-smart ladies, and although we often grab after work drinks or long Friday lunches, we’ve never really done anything with a team-building angle. However, recently one of the gals mentioned rock climbing, and we were all keen to try it out. Rock climbing takes physical and mental strength, not to mention problem solving and a good dose of teamwork.IMG_2405

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Salvage BBQ in Portland, Maine

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. My grandparents live on a beautiful lake, and every year friends and family from all over camp out at their house on the 4th to enjoy bonfires, BBQ’s, boat rides, sparklers, and s’mores. In fact, my favorite childhood memory is laying on their hammock by the water, wearing an over-sized sweatshirt, eating a sticky s’more, smelling the smoky campfire, and watching the Independence Day fireworks explode in the sky as family ohhh’d and ahhh’d nearby. At that moment in time, every human sense I had was satisfied, and I felt filled with love and happiness. After the fireworks, my sisters, cousin, and I would all run around outside playing flashlight tag. Our game would soon evolve into hide-and-go-seek, as Mom and Dad tried to catch us to tuck us into bed. I never wanted the day to end, but thankfully, I was able to re-live this happy moment on the 4th year after year.Lake SunsetAs an adult, I wanted to share this magical day with B and his family . . .

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Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I met Katie when I first moved to Maine. At the time, we were only 12 years old. As we lived on the same street, we rode on the same bus to and from school, and coincidentally we were also in the same 7th grade class. So we became fast friends, and were soon having sleepovers, doing each others make-up, and crushing on boys together. We spent summers at Katie’s camp playing Risk and pretending to be mermaids in the lake. We hung out at the mall, ate teriyaki chicken, and kissed random boys in the food court. We graduated from middle school together, and started high school. We had fights over guys but we always made up. We applied to different colleges and grew up, but never grew apart. And somehow through babies and husbands and more than 15 years, Katie is still my best friend. She speaks her mind, and is a brave, independent woman. She’s the kind of girl who knows what she wants in life, and easily takes it. I admire many things about her, from her beauty to her strength. If you can’t tell from these kind words, I absolutely love this girl, and am trying to cram as much Katie-time in as possible while I’m in the States this summer!IMG_0942On Saturday morning, Katie, Casey, Charlotte, and I headed over to Katie’s Aunt and Uncle’s house, which is freakin’ massive, and situated right on the ocean in Cape Elizabeth.

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Beach Days

When I go home, I return to the sea. My mom taught me to love the ocean, and as a kid we spent our summers on the beach, splashing in the waves and slowly turning golden.IMG_0849When I’m at the sea, I feel free. I don’t feel alone. I feel like I’m connected to something, even though I don’t exactly know what it is. Continue reading